Chanel Resort SS14


MPDClick’s spring/summer 14 ‘Epoch’ forecast has already proven itself for the season illustrated by French powerhouse Chanel’s latest resort collection. ‘Epoch’ draws upon the famous Belle Epoque period citing themes of optimism and prosperity through elegant and refined lines with a masculine leisurewear twist – an aesthetic clearly exemplified within Chanel’s s/s 14 resort collection.
The clean palette of royal blues, primrose and ivory shades characterize the liberation of women back in the 1900s making soft suit tailoring and feminine cut out garments the styles to promote in S/S 14. Classic 3 piece suits are the most popular garments for women in the collection while menswear reflects a luxury vintage Parisian aesthetic with four panel pocket jackets and rounded collars. Menswear garments connote the masculine mystique with an understated feminine confidence in tailoring combined with streamlined, angular silhouettes. Fluid curves and lines are reflected in the garment prints and graphics depicting vintage typography from the Art Noveau movement.
Calico, denim and chambray fabrics also feature in the collection linking back to America’s guilded age and denim industry in the 1900’s. Chanel embraces the optimism of the 1900s with matching embellishments and accessories such as pearls, offering a contemporary interpretation of prominent styles of the Golden Age with silhouettes marking a revolution of femininity.
Leisurewear is encouraged through casual drawstring trousers for both genders however remains understated through masculine silhouettes. Cricket whites and suit ties also feature evoking the vintage sports aspect of ‘Epoch’ merging leisure and workwear. To see the full Chanel resort collection MPDClick subscribers can click here.

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chanel resort 14

chanel resort 14 (2)

chanel resort 14 (3)

chanel resort 14 (4)

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