Vroom Pitti Vroom!


Vroom Pitti Vroom!

Celebrating the styles and lifestyles of the iconic biking world, the summer editions from Pitti Immagine take on the theme of ‘Motorcycle’, an aesthetic direction which notably reflects one of MPDClick’s spring/summer 14 forecast trends.

Pitti Immagine once again opens its Tuscan doors to modern male fashion fair, Pitti Uomo, long-standing childrenswear show Pitti Bimbo and the female equivalent Pitti W for spring/summer 14, as well as leading textiles event Pitti Filati for autumn/winter 14/15. This season focuses on the theme of ‘Motorcycles’, inspired by design in motion and the freedom of two-wheels.

The shows are set to devote their aesthetic expression to a ‘Bike, Style and Fun’ concept, a trend reflected in MPDClick’s sping/summer 14 forecast. Influenced by the 1900’s, the age of the automobile, an era of new technological discoveries and a growing fascination in sports, a vintage aesthetic will sit alongside contemporary offerings for a diverse display in homage to the biking culture. The shows main feature comes from the ‘Vroom Pitti Vroom’, an installation which connects extraordinary fashion and motorcycling.

Pitti Uomo, 18th – 21st June 2013, will highlight the beginning of leisurewear from 1900’s with multiple collaborations, including: Adidas, Tom Dixon and “LINcredibile Raccolto” who have an exhibition-installation devoted to linen. The Golden Age of masculinity is indicated in the collection with fine linen suits, sports leisurewear, denim and leather fabrics finished in a vintage Parisian palette. Pitti W will also be showcasing 18th – 21st June in its new location Fortezza da Basso.

Pitti Bimbo, 27th – 29th June 2013, will surprise with an urban couture, sports generation influence mixed with creative, classic-elegance. The show also presents big and small bikes, geared up for the young riders to evoke interest in this unique pass time.

Pitti Filati, 3rd – 5th July 2013, one of the leading textiles events for those in search of knit innovations, is also set to take influence from this theme.

MPDClick will be covering the upcoming Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo and Pitti Filati shows. Follow us on facebooktwitter and linkedin for real time updates.

Image sources: Pitti Immagine 



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