Helsinki Fashion Graduates

Aalto University Helsinki fashion design graduate trio, Elina Laitinen, Siiri Raasakka and Tiia Siren have created an avant-garde menswear collection inspired by an imaginary tribe in a futuristic utopian society. Woollen fringing, acid colours and purple coloured reefer jackets in fake fur reflect MPDClick’s Autumn Winter 14/15 fashion forecast ‘Future Tribes’, providing an early indicator of this theme.

Fantasy wastelands where danger is apparent inspire a rainbow warrior concept in a post-nuclear future with fears of radiation, a contemplation of the present and future world. The aim of the collection is to clothe male members of the tribe with asymmetric raw hemlines that betray fragility and contrast with manual fabrics such as wool using heavy embroidery camouflaged with felt, giant pompoms and phosphorescent glowsticks emphasising a rave revolution. Multihued fringe hi-top trainers add to this, showing the link to streetwear in a modern-day urban civilization.

The collection is a presentation of anarchy and nostalgia, showing the chaotic process the designers have gone through to express their strong views on the refusal of commercial, over-polished fashion and by producing all of the print, out-of-fashion wallpaper motifs and knitting each of the pullovers proves the designers winning place at the Hyeres International Festival of Fashion and Photography last year.

Pulled yarns, textured knits and sack silhouettes are key shapes indicated in MPDClick’s AW14/15 forecast ‘Future Tribes’ trend. Designers should consider nuclear, synthetic colour combinations for a contemporary tribal feel. Fabrics should hint warmth and survival ideals evoking an uncertain future of nature using innate objects as embellishments.

Subscribers to MPDClick can follow the links to check out both the male and female ‘Future Tribes’ forecast in full. If you don’t subscribe, take a FREE trial here. vogue.fr_


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