Lingerie Pinterest

Lingerie pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? if you’re not, grab your laptop/phone/ipad now and get on the latest addictive social networking bandwagon and fulfil your inspirational needs!

I recently set up a new lingerie board on the MPDClick Pinterest account, I have already contributed to their Active board but this was mine from the start, they have everything from fashion to food and everything else you could ever dream of  in between! Having this responsibility has uncovered my ever-growing interest in the social media world, imagine being paid to sit on Pinterest all day everyday?

I was so excited to be given the opportunity of starting a new board, and I couldn’t have been given a better topic either as I did a 5 week placement with luxury lingerie brand Myla London last summer, and I just had to add my favourites from their website to the board!

We have a daily battle in the office called our ‘pin-it-minute’ where each of the editors pins their latest and most inspiring finds of the day. It’s my favourite part of the day, Pinterest is sooo addictive!

I’ve taken a screenshot for you to give you a ‘sneaky peek’ at some of the lovely inspiration on the Lingerie board. If you’re not following MPDClick, or not on Pinterest get on there now, join and follow here!

Image: Pinterest


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