Graduate Fashion Week, Nottingham Trent University show


My favourite graduate collection was Jessica Espley, I’ve always been a fan of a red dress and this is no exception! 23 graduates presented their innovative collections that featured conceptual shapes and nostalgic prints for a fully booked show.

The showcase presented looks inspired by Napoleonic wars, a psychedelic future and Hollywood glam influences. Adan Ebo’s exceptional collection mixed French Revolution nostalgia in the form of graphic sweaters with Napoleon’s portrait on with contemporary tailoring, redefining the classic French military uniform.

Jessica Espley’s collection took a futuristic cosmos approach with geometric prints in neon colours and Avant-garde accessories. Paneled prints broke up the white, black and teal palette adding a psychedelic factor to the collection, whilst Kelly Walker referred to couture, Hollywood glam. Rich red tones was the prominent colour palette with leather fabrications mixed in to create an edgy, luxe feel.

Overall Nottingham Trent University displayed a great scope of imagination and  modern adaptations of historic garment shapes in ready-to-wear look’s, representing the Universities range of fashion design capability.

For more coverage of Graduate Fashion Week visit the Graduate Fashion Week website to here.

Image source: MPDClick

– E.S





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