Adventure Supply Kit


Design student Mia Johnson from University of San Francisco has created an ‘Adventure Supply Kit’ for her thesis project; the design inspires a renewed taste for the great outdoors with a back-to-basics aesthetic. Johnson’s design replaces conventional high-tech gadgets and smartphone apps with a series of books by famous explorers to inspire an individual iconic adventure, a reference for MPDClick’s AW13/14 trend ‘Wanderlust’.

Aimed at the modern day explorer, the ‘Adventure Supply Kit’ consists of small jars that warrant a childlike curiosity and treasure discovery theme. Whilst draw-your-own-map papers, constellation charts, matches and a first-aid kit test contemporary survival skills and exemplify Johnson’s adventure concept with basic exploration equipment.

As well as practical ‘Wanderlust’ inspired products, consider adventure inspired jewellery lines such as compass or minibeast specimen jar pendants in worn gold finishes. A key reference for more jewellery inspiration includes Bjorg’s SS13 collection channeling a contemporary adventure concept , see MPDClick’s coverage of the collection here.  We expect Mia Johnson’s stripped back aesthetic to be key in product design and packaging for AW13/14. Further this concept with the use of iconic scout motifs, simple geometric patterns and woodland imagery as key design elements to inspire design for AW13.

For more range building ideas, MPDClick subscribers can access the full AW13 trend forecast ‘Wanderlust’ by clicking here.  If you don’t subscribe you can take a free trial here.




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