Los Angeles City Guide With DJ Aram Abrams

Introducing our first instalment of our ‘My City’ series, coming all the way from sunny California U.S.A, we have an exclusive interview with Los Angeles-based DJ and Producer Aram Abrams. From nighttime rendezvous to daytime chill-outs, we delve into the life of an L.A. DJ by showcasing his favourite hotspots.

But we’re no travel agency, so don’t expect a tourist’s guide to Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame or Disneyland. Oh no, they’re so ten years ago… Instead, Aram is going to show you the hidden gems you absolutely can’t miss out on. So if you’re heading to Cali anytime soon, Let DJ and Producer Aram Abrams take you in his stylish stride through the West Coast in his hometown.



My favourite thing about Exchange is that it’s a club in downtown L.A. It kinda has this underground vibe that translates into some kind of downtown adventure. This was my second home on the weekends, I had a loft one block down at the time and was practically sleepwalking there. All the top DJs play there so it was beyond convenient. There’s a stairway as you’re entering the club, it’s a bit suspenseful hearing the bass and crowd as you’re walking up the stairs. There was this Hard Summer after party last year that went till 6am, that was probably one of the best afters I’ve ever been to! The place was electric. I remember people pulling up in their escalades and disappearing somewhere in the club.



I used to intern at a showroom in Hollywood that was situated really close to the Hollywood sign. One day I stumbled upon this trail, it has a great view of L.A. and is also a really close backdrop for photoshoots with the Hollywood sign. There are no signs to get to the trail because it’s somewhat private but I like the trail because it’s lesser known, and you can ride a horse up the mountain too, which is pretty fun and random!



My first year in L.A. was pretty much spent lying on the beach so we would just hit up the restaurants nearby. One of my favourites was this Mexican restaurant on the cusp of Malibu and Santa Monica called Marix. Their happy hour is the shit and lasts longer than most places. We would ride our bikes from the beach and go towards Malibu and end up at this place. Marix has a really chill beach crowd. You can frequently spot celebs hanging out there too, I saw comic brat extraordinaire David Spade there a couple times. Actually, if Marix was a celebrity it would be David Spade. Haha.



Santee Alley is great to go with a couple friends if you want to have a random shopping day. It’s in the fashion district of L.A. so you’ll find things that are trending. I always find sunglasses and wrist candy there. I lose accessories really fast so it’s great that everything is so inexpensive. Santee Alley is such a visual stimulation too, it’s an immersive experience walking down that street. People are offering you things left and right, it’s also another great place for filming or photo-shoots. This is one of my favourite spots for impromptu filming.



This is great spot day or night. You can be kinda swanky during the day and meet a friend for drinks or get turned up at night. One of my favourite things about L.A. is that happy hour is celebrated here. Either that or my friends are thirsty! The Standard is pretty much the epitome of rooftop drinks, kinda wish I lived there. I just really appreciate creative spots, I’ve always been inspired by modern design and summer vibes and The Standard fits the bill.



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