Munich City Guide With Fashion Blogger Christoph Amann

With our help you’ve travelled from Los Angeles to Italy without having to pay flight fees. How do you fancy Germany next? Well, we’ve just landed in Munich for our next instalment in our My City series and this week Christoph Amann talks to us about his favourite places to hang in his city.

You probably know Munich for hosting the world’s largest beer festival, Oktoberfest, but year-round there are plenty of places to eat, cellars to drink at and an abundance of art and culture to enjoy.


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploring the life of Christoph Amann from his favourite gourmet burger spots to crazy student bars and impressive culture. So, if you feel like heading to the German capital for a well-deserved weekend break, let Christoph lead the way…



The best and most creative burgers in town! Cosmogrill is a high-quality and multi-award winning fast food restaurant. They serve gourmet burgers and other grilled specialties until the early morning in a really stylish atmosphere (friday and saturday until 6am) – perfect for post-club munchies. I appreciate the environmental awareness of Cosmogrill – they only use organic meat and it’s 100% ecological. Unfortunately, since it’s a small restaurant, it’s often crowded, so I’d suggest a take away.


Café Kosmos

Berlin style in Munich! The Kosmos is a typical student bar. When I stood in front of the entrance for the first time and they opened the door I just thought “How will I survive this?“ It was so crowded. I felt as though I only walked two meters in one hour, but won 5 new friends at the same time – actually something good. It has this charming atmosphere, great music, cool and interesting people and the beer prices are phenomenal. Unfortunately, it’s really crowded most of the time, but nevertheless I had many great and funny moments there with my friends. Each square meter of the small bar is worth a visit.


Soda Books

Soda is legendary in Munich. The excellent selection of books and magazines on photography, fashion, design, architecture, lifestyle and all kinds of art is worth every visit. I could spend hours by scroll and browse through my beloved architecture books in the relaxed, purist and stylishly atmosphere! The Soda is the perfect place for creative people who also value material, printing or binding of books and magazines.


Brandhorst Museum

The Brandhorst Museum is right next to the Pinakothek der Moderne and surrounded by the Alte and Neue Pinakothek. I love this museum ensemble in Munich. The Brandhorst Museum contains a private collection of art with a focus on pioneering artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, primarily in paintings, drawings and sculptures. Despite the changing art collections, the centerpiece is constantly in dispute among artists, including Warhol and Twombly. Contemporary art is increasingly becoming part of the huge collection. Above all, the architecture is really beautiful and the facade is super impressive.


Glockenbach District

The Glockenbach District is a scene quarter in the southern city of Munich. This more vibrant area is currently one of the most beautiful and hippest neighborhoods in the entire city. The people who live and work here are very trendy. You can find great restaurants, bars, stores (like Soda) and many other unique and interesting things. The Glockenbach District is close to the Isar, the river that is running through Munich. During the summer lots of people hang out there and it’s perfect for a morning run, especially when the sun’s rising. I love this area.






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