The Idle Man: How To Style Happy Socks

First impressions maketh a man, so how about impressing your work colleagues, girlfriend or even the postman with your brightly coloured sock/jeans combo. Whether they’re the first or last thing you put on in the morning, we think your socks should always make a bold statement and that’s why we’re going to show you how to: style Happy Socks. Sure, if you work in a suit everyday this advice probably isn’t for you… or maybe it is? Who’s to say you can’t wear leopard print socks with a charcoal suit? Actually, your boss might have something to say about it.

But good news for Grandma, the traditionally garish socks she gets you every Christmas have suddenly become cool. Don’t ask us how it happened, but wearing a big colourful polkadot sock is now totally “in” and on our Idle Man radar. Colourful brand Happy Socks take this basic rule of thumb very seriously, with multi-coloured stripes and big dots in various shades of the rainbow ready to take stead into your drawers.

Here’s three ways to style your Happy Socks wearing our other awesome brands Levi’s and Vans.



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